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What is Forbrain®?

Forbrain® is used as a daily tool for reading, speaking, singing, attending in class or for general use. For between 15 and 30 minutes of speaking aloud through the Forbrain® microphone and stimulating your own ears with your own voice, you strengthen your auditory reception and processing.

When you place the headset on your head and turn it on, immediately you will hear your own voice changed and clarified by the effect of the audio-vocal loop. Your voice is corrected by the interpretation of what your brain hears and you feel energized and motivated by this natural effect.

Progressively, you will feel the natural change of your voice as well as your ability to speak and focus better. Forbrain® progressively teaches your voice to efficiently stimulate your brain.
You leverage your voice to improve your brain!

Suggestions for use

With Forbrain® all you have to do is read or speak aloud. Exercises can be provided.

For adults:

  • Musicality : Sing aloud the text you are reading
  • Rhythm: Read a poem while taking a breath at the end of each line
  • Flow : Read a text while taking a breath every 3 or 4 words irrespective of meaning and punctuation
  • Diction : Read a text while exaggerating sounds as if you were making a speech to a crowd
  • Accentuation : read a text while changing the volume of your voice every 5 seconds from very faint to loud and vice versa
  • Memorization : read a text aloud and repeat it immediately without looking at the text
  • Dialogue : read a comic book or a dialogue and give each character a unique voice

For children:

  • Accompanying : you read the text slowly at the same time as the child without pausing for his/her mistakes or hesitations
  • Echo: you overlay your voice on the child’s, who reads with ± one second lag to slow down or speed up his/her speech rate
  • Memorization : you read a group of words, sentence or line of poetry that the child repeats immediately without reading
  • Dialogue: you read a comic book or dialogue alternating characters with the child and accentuating differences in voice
  • Invention: you create a story with the child, from images or figurines, taking turns inventing a sentence of dialogue

How can I get Forbrain®?

The Forbrain® headset can be tested during an appointment with Isabelle and can be purchased through her affiliation with the developers at their website. Much more information can also be found by clicking the link and browsing to read how this device can improve your life or your child’s life.

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